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What is the Unlock the Secrets to Corporate Consultancy Revenues MasterClass

Unlock the Secrets to Corporate Consultancy Revenues is an all-new masterclass, designed and delivered by Sarah Hathorn. This 2-day intensive program is designed for coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants who wish to either enter the corporate market as a beginner, or are already working with corporate clients at an intermediate level and want to accelerate to more clients and higher revenues.

In this dynamic, interactive master class you will be guaranteed plenty of personal time to ask questions, with total access to learning and a chance to delve deeply into topics. You’ll have the rare opportunity to take full advantage of the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Sarah, who is one of the highest-paid and most in-demand corporate consultants in our industry.


Sarah HathornAs a solo consultant, who launched her consultancy against the headwinds of the Great Recession, Sarah rapidly built a multi-six figure practice – expanding her market to senior-level executives in multinational and Fortune 500 companies. She is right at home in the corporate environment, and has found that niche extremely rewarding and profitable. In fact, her fast-growing client list includes world-class companies like Kimberly-Clark, Home Depot, McKesson, General Electric, Sherwin-Williams and McDonald’s. She is also one of only a handful of people in the world awarded Certified Image Master status, for her talent and know-how imparting leadership, communication, and executive presence skills. Every year Sarah is invited back by Fortune 500 companies to help them further enhance their performance and develop their leaders. Although she earns premium-priced compensation, her business is run intelligently with technology-supported systems that keep it low on the labor-intensity scale. That affords her a healthy work/life balance and an extraordinarily rewarding personal life – which is why she wanted to own her own company after working for decades as a Fortune 100 senior executive.

the academy of image mastery in singapore

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Many courses today teach coaches and consultants technical skills. But very few teach you how to strategically market and position your expertise to open corporate doors; land valuable corporate proposals, and profit from intellectual property assets that decision-makers at large companies want and need.

Sarah lives in the corporate trenches, communicating with and influencing industry leaders; advising HR executives and Senior VPs; and customizing learning modules for some of the most progressive and successful companies in the world. She doesn’t teach strategies and tactics that used to work and may now be outdated or stale. She shares fresh, proven formulas and techniques that work for her and her clients today, as she delivers unique value and engaging programs to major organizations and leaders. Many of those highly-placed leaders also enlist Sarah as their private coach.

She developed this dynamic course so you, too, can learn exactly what she did to unlock the gateway to the corporate kingdom and transform one corporate client into a 6-figure client. You’ll find out how to be that kind of sought-after thought leader and highly successful corporate consultant. The master class is intense and content-rich – with a unique approach of exciting hands-on exercises and role-play, supported facilitation and practice, individual introspection and mindset management, and collaborative mastermind group work. The entire program is designed to identify and solve challenges, increase skill acquisition, empower your success, accelerate the learning curve, and make lucrative, prestigious corporate consulting your new high-revenue reality. In this safe but challenging environment, you will master the conversational techniques, skills and powerful questions which will be immediately valuable in your marketing and sales efforts.



Learn everything from A-Z, and from the inside-out, with internal mindset management to give you poise, gravitas, and a charismatic, contagiously-positive and persuasive presence. Then complement that with essential success and components such as brand-building skills, techniques for creating new revenue streams, corporate marketing strategies, rapport-building to deepen your networks and partnerships, and tips on how to write a winning proposal and present it with convincing influence.

Join us and begin your foray into the corporate arena, where opportunities are everywhere and you can earn premium compensation from repeat clients who add prestige and power to your brand.

“Sarah has the unique ability to educate but touch lives in more ways than you can imagine.”

Olen Juarez-Lim

“Thank you again Sarah for all the wealth of knowledge I gained and the possibilities that it brings to my business by attending your Secrets to Corporate Consultancy Masterclass in Singapore. I was honest in saying prior to attending your masterclass, I was skeptical and intrigued but I kept an open mind during the course that helped me to absorb all your content that I could. You are an inspiration as you do not only educate but you have the unique ability to touch lives in more ways than you can imagine. All the tears and (fears) showed during that final day of your course is evidence of the impact you have on the lives of others. I hope in the future that you can coach me to be better and lead me to the path of reach my full potential. Accept me as one of your disciples!”

(Masterclass with Sarah Hathorn in alliance with the Academy of Image Mastery, Asia’s leading image academy founded by AICI CIM Christina Ong)

Olen Juarez-Lim, AICI CIP
President OJL Consulting Group
Manilla, Philippines


Here’s a snapshot of just some of what you’ll learn when you join us at Unlock the Secrets to Corporate Consultancy Revenues Masterclass at The Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore.

In this session, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify the psychological 6-figure mindset to compete in the corporate arena
  • Evaluate ways to build an extraordinary brand that magnetically pulls corporate buyers to you
  • Develop new, customized business models that provide lucrative revenue streams
  • Develop and share creative, innovative ideas to offer to corporate clients
  • Select effective, time-saving modalities to offer corporate clients and accelerate their results along with your income
  • Discuss ways to convert decision-maker wants into needs, through probing questions that guarantee long-term work
  • Practice a role-play scenario to develop powerfully persuasive language that convinces decision-makers to say “Yes!”
  • Discuss ways to overcome a corporate decision-maker’s objections to dramatically increase your acceptance rate
  • Create a winning proposal, using a step-by-step formula, to confirm your value and quickly convert prospects into paying clients
  • Evaluate multiple and distinct corporate pricing models to attract more corporate work for predictable income
  • Identify the steps to seal deals ASAP using the proprietary “Examine the Predictable Process from A-Z” tool
  • List the 8 Success Keys to fill your corporate pipeline
  • Discuss how to leverage strategic marketing tactics to build relationships that open corporate doors
  • Discuss ways to apply the Predictable Client Formula to catapult your corporate clients into sources of repeat business and 6-figure revenue
  • And much, much more!


The course includes pre-work, a workbook, sample proposal templates, scripts and a certification in Corporate Consultancy from Illustra Business School.

AICI CEU Approved

This course has been approved for 1.3 AICI CEU’s for
those members of AICI who qualify.

If you are qualified to earn AICI CEU’s, participants must:

    • Attend the full 2-day program.
    • Fully participate in all activities.
    • Complete pre-work and an evaluation at the end of the program and list how you will apply the techniques and strategies to your business.

“I closed multiple corporate projects after learning Sarah’s marketing techniques and how to design the winning proposal!”

Irene Jordan

“As a professional corporate consultant or coach your number one challenge is how to market and position your company to close more corporate deals. Sarah’s Corporate Consultancy Masterclass was just what I needed to take my business to the next level. I closed multiple corporate projects after learning her marketing techniques and how to design the winning proposal. In fact, I just closed the largest bank in Colombia.

Sarah taught us how to expand our thinking to offer greater value and offerings to our corporate clients. In the past I might have done one session on professional image but after this course I now offer a wide variety of services around personal branding, behavior, communication, influence and leadership. She helped me understand how I can provide private access to my corporate coaching clients, structure monthly small teams to provide small group training, coaching and masterminding along with offering longer-term projects that offer every organization deeper value to obtain desired organizational results.

After this course, I signed up to work with Sarah in her private Sapphire coaching program. I’m now thinking bigger about my business as the CEO with various revenue streams and building my digital business. No one knows as much about working in the corporate arena as Sarah Hathorn. She’s one of the top corporate consultants to many Fortune 100 clients. If you’re looking to amplify your results with companies and organizations to provide more value and elevate your company revenues, you’ll want to learn from someone who is not just talking the walk but walking the talk.

Irene Jordan, AICI CIP
Bogota, Colombia

“Right after attending Sarah’s masterclass I had three corporate proposals accepted immediately and one is for a 6-figure project!”

Carolina Bejar

“In this masterclass, Sarah shares her professional experience working in a Fortune 100 firm hiring vendors and now as a consultant working as a success partners for most of the Fortune 500 firms. After attending her Secrets to Corporate Consultancy masterclass, I had three corporate proposals immediately accepted. It was through her program I learned how to offer longer-term coaching and workshop projects to offer greater value to my clients. In addition to winning these three proposals I also have four proposal out to companies and one is for a 6-figure project. I implemented many of the strategies Sarah shared in this course. The first thing I did after the class was to increase all of my fees by 20% and I’m building higher priced fees depending on the project and today all my clients see the true value of my work. The questions that Sarah shared have been invaluable in helping me create the winning proposal. I creatively offered longer-term projects to coaching clients and corporate clients to ensure they successful achieve their desired results. I’ve now learned how to cast my net to catch the big fish and work with big companies and organizations to offer my unique value to innovatively help them become more successful. Thank you, Sarah, for challenging me to think MUCH bigger than I am capable of doing on my own. There is no question that my investment in this course is worth the return. If you’re looking to scale your business, attending Sarah’s course is the must-attend professional development course of the year.”

Carolina Bejar, AICI CIM
CEO and President of Estilo en Imagen
Mexico City, Mexico


If you are looking to enter the corporate arena or whether you’re already working with companies with 100 or 100,000 employees – Unlock the Secrets to Consultancy Revenue is where you’ll learn precisely what you need to know to be successful in the corporate arena right now.

Unlock the Secrets to Corporate Consultancy Revenues is exclusively for coaches, facilitators, consultants, speaker, and trainers who:

  1. Are a positive change agent. You want to add value to your corporate clients to help them transform their personal or professional situation to be better off after you have worked with them.
  2. Are great at your specific expertise. You are passionate about the work that you do and you have a proven track record of delivering results to your clients.
  3. Want to attend a serious, intimate event with other consultants who are either at their level or they can learn from.
  4. Are prepared to come and play FULL OUT for two whole days to DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE their corporate consultancy work and SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE your corporate fees.

Plus, you’ll improve your confidence, become a better corporate consultant, make more convincing sales presentations, and drive the conversations with authority and persuade and influence with ease.

Your MasterClass registration includes:

  • Two-Day private workshop with me at the Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore.
  • Copies of Sarah’s winning proposals.
  • Pre-workshop materials to expand your vision.
  • Workbook, scripts, templates to use in your business.
  • Corporate Consultancy Certification upon completion of the course.
  • New Business Building Community & Forum with successful, growth-minded consultants.

What You Can Create

We know that many people are marketing these types of events online and promising results at live events that frankly, can sound too good to be true. Don’t just take our word for the results you can create. Here are typical results Sarah’s private clients have achieved through this kind of intensive master class:

  • Greater Confidence
  • Amplified Revenues and Profits
  • Increased Rates of Success Closing Deals with Decision Makers
  • Competition-Proofed Clients Who Are Loyal for Repeat Business and Great Referrals/Testimonials
  • Strengthened Brand Integrity and Credibility
  • Living with Greater Intention, Purpose, and Fulfillment
  • Less Labor-Intensive Consultancy Management
  • More Time to Lead Your Most Extraordinary Life

See what people have to say about working with Sarah

“Sarah is a true leader that wants to see you succeed and is not afraid to share her intellectual property to help you do that!”

Teresa Prieto
Teresa Prieto Enfasis & Atavio
Bogota, Colombia

“It increased my confidence to be able to walk in and work in the corporate space!”

Tara Hooper
The Style Signature
Dallas, Texas

“In the first hour, the content that we got from it, paid for itself!”

Charmaine Bryan
Charmaine Bryan Image Consulting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Sarah is very transparent and she gives you practical, useful and lucrative information that you can apply immediately in your business!”

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh
Evolve Image Consulting
Vancouver, WA

“I’m more confident in raising my fees to work in corporations than ever before!”

Margaret Batting
Margaret Batting Image Consulting
Providence, RI

“An incredible, two days of intense corporate learning that I will be able to impliment strategies in my business immediately!”

Michelle Horne, AICI CIP
Putting It Together
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“If you’re looking to work in the corporate arena and go from good to great – learn from the Sarah as she’s the best in the industry and her workshops are worth every penny.”

Heather Poduska
Founder of the Brand Star Academy, Speaker and Best-Selling Author
Boston, MA

If you still aren’t convinced of the transformational results you will receive at Sarah’s workshops – see what others have said about Sarah’s training from her other workshop and seminars – More Testimonials

Why Attend

Why Attend
As a consultant, coach, trainer or speaker, you are spending far too much time spinning your wheels on how to attract corporate clients.

At the Unlock the Secrets to Corporate Consultancy Revenues MasterClass, we’ll teach you how to position, package, and price your services so you can build a sustainable corporate business model. Save yourself time from making costly mistakes by trying the Do-It-Yourself approach and start implementing the Predictable Results™ proven methods. In this session, I’ll be sharing EXACTLY the what I do, when I do it, how I do it and why I do it to turn single corporate clients into six-figure clients.

In working as a business coach over the years we’ve seen the Do-It-Yourself method fail over and over again. If you want to learn how to unlock the corporate doors – learn from someone who has achieved the level of success you wish to attain and who is right there today in the trenches everyday meeting with the corporate buyer, landing those winning proposals and delivering great value to the organization that’s building a brand that magnetically attracts more and more Fortune 500 clients.

My commitment to you is simple:

When you choose to join me live and in-person for this 2-day intensive, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to:

  • Design your ideal corporate business model
  • Delve into asking the right questions to position your services
  • Create a winning proposal
  • Greater confidence to speak powerfully with the corporate buyer
  • And so much more…

“If you’re looking to raise your fees, offer services to corporations you’ll want to learn from the master, Sarah Hathorn. Right after I attended this course I closed three workshops!”

Coca Sevilla

“Right after attending Sarah’s Corporate Consultancy Masterclass I closed three workshops after better knowing how to sell myself and position my services to charge higher fees. I walked away from this course knowing how I can expand my business offerings and better market my services to deliver the utmost value to my corporate and private clients. This course taught me how to up-level my mindset around the types of clients I want to attract and greater clarity on various ways I can help professional leaders, teams and organizations. I walked away now knowing that I have a strong brand in Mexico not only in image and etiquette but understanding how I can offer my clients tremendous value in additional areas like branding, public relations and leadership with my extensive background. What I learned from Sarah in this Corporate Masterclass was invaluable. If you’re looking to raise your fees, offer a variety of services to Corporations, and sell yourself to enjoy longer-term projects, learning from Sarah is truly learning from the master. If you’re looking to be the best – take this course to become your best. I highly recommend any of Sarah’s courses she teaches you to up your game to get instant results!”

Coca Sevilla, AICI CIM
Puebla, Mexico

“I obtained my first training job with this new business strategy within a week after the course.”

Ana Cheong“I am glad I attended this two-day program and I learned practical business strategies that I can immediately use to advance my business. I obtained my first training job with this new business strategy within a week after the course. I am still practicing her principles today and have seen better results in my business.

Sarah’s real-life examples from her business background and experiences provided me good business insights and how to go about implementing these principles to progress in my profession. The two-day workshop also includes well designed practical activities that gives us sufficient opportunity to practice and implement the new business strategies that we learned. I highly recommend all image consultants and professionals to learn from Ms. Sarah! Her master class is beyond image consulting and it gives your great insights, methods, and ideas to expand your image business to offer great value to your clients. Thanks Ms. Sarah.”

(Masterclass with Sarah Hathorn in alliance with the Academy of Image Mastery, Asia’s leading image academy founded by AICI CIM Christina Ong)

Ana Cheong
AICI VP of Certification
Principal of
Selangor, Malaysia

the academy of image mastery in singapore

Contact [email protected] for tuition information and to register