Business Blueprint - Series 1 / Module 7

How To Get The Most "Bang" Out Of Your Killer Content

How To Get The Most “Bang” Out Of Your Killer Content

When you know how to leverage content marketing to communicate with your ideal target audience in a way they enjoy, it magnetically attracts your prospects to you. But isn’t content marketing time consuming? Not when you learn to repurpose your killer content. In this section you’ll learn how to leverage your time by not having to totally rewrite new content all the time. Yes I’m all about working smarter – not harder.

How can you make the most impact with your content? One way is by learning to provide your content in a variety of formats. Some people prefer listening to a podcast, and others enjoy learning through visual aids like a PowerPoint or video. Learn how to quickly repurpose your know-how into killer content that will have your target audience clamoring for your products and services.


  • 1 mp3 audio file (approx. 1-hr)
  • 4 worksheets (PDF files)