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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business Results & Revenues and Have Your Best Year Ever?

Do you remember when you first learned to drive? You probably started out reviewing the driver’s manual. But was that it? Were you ready to jump in the car and accelerate down the road all on your own? Not likely, you needed an experienced driver in the car with you to give you on-the-spot advice for all those unexpected issues you’d face as a new driver.

This real-time instruction was far more valuable than anything you could read in a manual.

When it comes to accelerating in your business the same learning is required. Sure, you can read and study on your own, but on-the-spot advice from someone who has been down the same road is far more valuable. Instead of stalling out, and costing yourself weeks, months, or even years of profitability, with the right advice at the right moment you can simply shift gears and move forward.

My private clients are willing to invest 5 figures for me to get next to them in the driver’s seat, as their mentor giving them real-time instruction. They know from experience that it’s worth every penny. However, did you know there’s a more affordable option to benefit from my instruction that includes the additional benefit of a Mastermind? I’m referring to my IBS Virtual Mastermind Program.

What makes this Mastermind unique is that I’ve personally vetted every single member to be part of my inner circle. These business owners and consultants get it. They understand that iron sharpens iron. They know if you want to sharpen your thinking, stimulate out-of-the-box creativity, and refine and shape new ideas into strategic plans, you can’t do it alone. They leave their egos at the door, and they consistently challenge each other to be the best version of themselves.

Are you tired of the isolation you feel working, perhaps from a home office, without connecting with like-minded colleagues? Are you ready to learn from me and other successful people in my private community who are the real movers and shakers in their industry? Then you don’t want to miss this opportunity to participate in this highly engaged group of go-to-experts in their industry and elevate your business to new heights.

In 2021 the IBS Virtual Mastermind Program will be available to you if you are…

  • One of my former or current coaching clients
  • A participant in one of my workshops or masterclasses
  • A consultant or business owner with at least 3 years of experience*
  • Committed to growth by expanding your boundaries and considering exciting new possibilities
  • Someone with an abundance mentality, willing to share your experience and support your colleagues
  • Work with individual clients, or corporate clients (from small businesses to Fortune 500), we’ll be covering both models throughout this course

*If you’ve been a consultant or business owner for less than 3 years and are very committed to stretching up and learning from this more advanced group, please contact me to see if you can be granted an exception.

Here are the results you can expect by being an active member of this committed group of high achievers:

  • Learn from both the wins and the failures of other highly successful consultants.
  • Broaden your connections and your horizons by networking with trusted colleagues from other countries (we have consultants from all over the world joining us).
  • Get direct group coaching from me or a guest expert on:
    • How to think bigger and more strategically in designing your business models.
    • Shortcuts to creating a highly successful business so you don’t waste time doing it the hard way.
    • Proven tips on marketing and positioning of your expertise so you have a consistently full pipeline of work.
    • Advice on raising your fees by adding more unique value, whether you work with big corporations, small companies or private clients.
    • Strategic ways to obtain more ideal corporate or private clients willing to pay you lucrative fees.
  • Get direct individual coaching from me:
    • By asking me questions during our Q&A segment that will quickly get you unstuck from a business challenge so you don’t lose momentum.
    • As a Hot-Seat participant where we’ll address a challenge you are facing and how to rise above it so you can catapult to the next level. (Even when you’re not the one in the hot seat, you’ll benefit from hearing experts talk about their challenges. Because if you’re not facing this same challenge today, you probably will be tomorrow.)
  • Obtain access to my IBS vaultfull of timesaving forms, templates, scripts, etc. that are field-tested and proven to get you predictable results. I’m known for being incredibly generous with high-quality content so know that the vault is there for you to loot!

This Mastermind Program is an incredibly economical way to interact with me in real time from anywhere in the world – it’s the future of learning. And when you combine a fully committed mentor like myself with a group of equally committed colleagues, you can be assured that you’ll walk away from each session reinvigorated and armed with the tools you need to level-up your business.

By signing up before 03/15/2021 you’re locking in this real-time learning and masterminding for $100 a month. This investment couldn’t possibly come at a better value. And since space is limited, you don’t want to delay.

This program is designed to be an annual membership, which appeals to those who are truly committed to their growth in 2021!

Here are details regarding the structure of our 12 monthly mastermind sessions:

They will typically be held on the second Monday of the month at 1:00 PM ET on Zoom Video.

They will last from 60-90 minutes depending on the agenda. Each call will include time for group discussion around the challenges and the success stories on our chosen topic. Expect me to ask thought-provoking questions on what you need to do to turbo-charge your business!

Some months I’ll be teaching brand new content and providing you with corresponding handouts and exercises. (You can see sample topics below. However, throughout the year Mastermind members give me input on the subjects they want to learn more about and I listen! That’s what makes this real-time instruction. I teach what you need to learn, when you need it most.)

Some months I will feature Spotlight Speakers, Participant Hot Seats and Virtual Masterminding to ensure accelerated learning and group participation. I’m really excited about the spotlight speakers and participants I have on the roster for this year. These people are creative, dynamic and generous about sharing what they’ve learned so that you can implement it in your business.

If you’re able to join us live, I highly encourage you to participate by sharing resources and ideas or asking questions during our Q&A. If you’re unable to join us live, you’ll receive a copy of the audio and any handouts so you can still benefit from the learning.

Take a sneak peek at the kind of topics we’ll be exploring together…

  • Work Less While Charging More – Strategies to Give You the Time and Financial Freedom You Crave
  • How to Build a Thriving (and Profitable) Client Community
  • Sarah’s Secrets to Holding Private Client Events That Have You Walking out of the Room with Money in Your Pocket
  • Attract High-End Clients by Holding Roundtable Events
  • Mindset Mastery to Step Up to the Next Level of Success (Even if It Scares You)
  • How to Find and Create Strategic Alliances That Align with Your Bigger Vision
  • Shift Out of Cruise Control and Accelerate Your Revenues with New Techniques to Building a Thriving Practice
  • Tired of Being a Step Behind? How to Be the Innovative Cutting-Edge Leader of Your Industry

This Mastermind is packed with value and is the most economical way to work with me personally. Just one full day of private coaching or one full-day workshop, has a much higher price tag than a whole year of learning, coaching, networking and support you’ll receive as a member of this exclusive program.


“Sarah delivers great content you can implement the next day to grow your business”

“One of the challenges I face as an independent consultant is not being able to learn from your boss or your peers or at least have someone else to brainstorm with. It is easy to feel alone and get stuck with your own ideas. The value of being part of Sarah’s IBS Virtual Mastermind Group is collaborating with people who share your passion and have a lot of experience in different areas of image consulting. What I love the most is the generosity of the information shared. Just listening to one of my peers talk about their challenges or what has worked for them in the past has given me a lot of ideas to implement myself to stretch me into the next level of my business.

Sarah also teaches great content that you can easily implement right the next day to grow your business. Having access to Sarah and top image consultants around the globe has been a wonderful experience. If you want to be the “best in the industry” being a part of this group is definitely the first place to start. I highly recommend it!”

Irene Jordan
Irene Jordan Image Consulting
Bogotá, Colombia

“I love being a member of Sarah Hathorn’s Illustra Business School Virtual Mastermind Group. During these live sessions you get to hear questions from fellow consultants that are turbo-charging their businesses in all different facets of consulting, so you learn to expand your thinking. I find that I learn when someone asks a question I didn’t even consider, but then you get Sarah’s insights to know the answer to that question when it comes up in the future. I love that she has spotlight speakers from the group who are willing to be transparent and share what successful strategies they are incorporating into their business that we can adopt in our own business.

Sarah and everyone in the group comes to these virtual sessions with an abundance mentality which to me is the only way to operate your business. Everyone is very generous in sharing their information, talking about specific fee structures, sharing successes and failures and encouraging one another to think bigger for the success of the entire group. As a member you have the ability to listen and review the handouts, scripts or the recording where ever you are and whenever you want. I show up for these sessions being “all in” sharing, asking questions and learning as this mastermind group inspires me to think bigger and help me continue to manage my mindset to grow my own business. I highly recommend this mastermind group if you are looking to take your business to the next level – it’s the best investment to learn from Sarah a certified CIM Master and the other members of this group.”

Andrea Greenspan
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I have worked with Sarah for more than 6 years, as a trainer, private coach and in her Illustra Business Virtual mastermind Group. I love the support Sarah gives us as a mindset coach, she has a great preparation as well as marketing and business experience. People in the group are from all over the world, this is a great opportunity, people feel safe to share successes, failures and tips. I felt comfortable to ask questions without feeling judged.  Sarah has a lot of creativity, she makes time fly in our group learning sessions with her fun and enriching exercises and provides valuable support worksheets. She makes sure we practice and prepare to implement what we learned right away. I am glad I made the mastermind group investment; I can implement everything in my business and feel I am advancing in my professional career.”

Cynthia de la Garza. AICI CIC
Consultor Imagen Y Protocolo de Negocios
Monterrey, Mexico

“With Sarah’s coaching and guidance, I have been able to uplevel my services, offerings to both corporate and private clients, which has had a significant impact on my revenue increasing. Having Sarah’s help to create more powerful, persuasive and clear language and positioning with my corporate client work has been so successful! I am so grateful and can’t wait to see what the next year brings! I highly recommend Sarah’s Illustra Virtual Mastermind group for anyone wanting to grow their business.”

Michelle Horne, AICI CIP
Ottawa, Canada

SIGN-UP BY 03/15/2021 TO SAVE $300!

There are two ways to pay:

Pay the entire year membership fee now of $1200* and earn these 4 bonuses!

(That’s 20% off the regular price of $1500)

1). Private Coaching Call with Sarah (Value of $500)
2). Building a Predictable Revenue Pipeline audio (Value of  $49)
3). Secret “Predictable Profits” Formula for Closing the Sale (Value of $100)
4). Sarah’s Powerful Scripts to Overcome Corporate Objections (Value of $100)


make 3 payments of $400 every 90 days

*Since this program is so reasonably priced and there is a high demand for it, your membership cannot be canceled and no refunds will be issued.
NOTE: If the first class has already passed, you can still join us! Don’t forget after you enroll you will have access to all the recordings and handouts.

Yes, I want to invest in my business growth
as a member of the IBS Virtual Mastermind.

Select single payment or 3 payments under payment plans before submitting

This course is the best gift you can give yourself to advancing yourself in record time to turbo-charge your business for 2021. Right now, this program will be limited to 15 new participants only and this offer is good through 01/15/2021. (Don’t forget if you miss the first few sessions, you’ll obtain all the handouts, and recordings for your success library.)

I would highly encourage you to join and engage right away with us in January 2021 to get rapid results in your business during your first quarter. (It’s amazing how my clients tell me that when they sign up to work with me privately or in one of my group programs – they instantly get more ideal clients and greater business results.) The sooner you get started – the faster you’ll be in accelerating your business revenues in 2021. So, don’t wait – reserve your space today.

“Being a member of Sarah’s Virtual Mastermind group allows me to interact with and learn ideas and concepts from top tier and seasoned international professionals. This type of access is unique and valuable for a newcomer and business owner in the image consultant industry because it allows you to be on even par with elite image consultants.

Each month Sarah provides varied content to help members grow, think deeper and learn the secrets of successful businesses. Members also share their challenges, success secrets, and ways to overcome stumbling blocks. To-date my most valuable meeting was one where members shared how they dealt with the prospect’s objections. As a new business owner, I learned some tips on how to ask broader/more profound questions to prospective clients and have incorporated them into my business practices. 

The meetings are practical and applicable to real-world situations. In some sessions, members are spotlighted and put in the hot seat. They share their unique and innovative business practices. We make suggestions, provide answers and ask probing questions to allow them to think deeper to solve their challenges. Being in the hot seat seems both challenging and rewarding.  You are forced to think on your feet, provide practical answers, which members might challenge you on. Ultimately this exercise helps your business success.

I highly recommend becoming a member of this successful, like-minded mastermind group, because if you utilize the ideas and concepts that you learn you will be successful.”

Sonia Mckoy, MBA CIC
Owner, Style Management Experience LLC
Pittsburgh, PA

Yes, I want to invest in my business growth
as a member of the IBS Virtual Mastermind.

Select single payment or 3 payments under payment plans before submitting