Business Blueprint - Series 2 / Module 10

How to Use Teleseminars to Broadcast Your Expertise

How to Use Teleseminars to Broadcast Your Expertise

Whether it’s for fee or free, teleseminars are an extremely effective way to connect with your market and use as a bridge for them cross over to more of your high-end products and services. And here’s an additional time-saving tip that you get from listening to this call. If you are looking at creating a new product or program for additional revenue stream, you might not know where to start. Well I’m going to show you how you can use Teleseminars to do that.

When I was just getting my business off the ground I started using teleseminars. I saw how teleseminars made it easy to create a simple product, build my list and give people an experience that moved them through the marketing funnel to buy bigger programs. It was very scary for me to be teaching through the telephone line and I was petrified what kind of questions I would get at the end of the call but I did it anyway. It was a wonderful first step up for me and I’ve continue to love using this simple concept to build programs and sell products.


  • 1 mp3 audio file (approx. 1-hr)
  • 6 worksheets (PDF files)