Business Blueprint - Series 1 / Module 12

Increase Profits By Digging Deeper Into Your Client Base

Increase Profits By Digging Deeper Into Your Client Base

According to a recent Gallup Global Management study it costs five times more to win over a new client than it does to serve an existing one. Are you comfortable upselling to your current clients? It’s not only profitable, it solidifies your relationship with them. If you don’t continue providing solutions for their problems you run the risk that they’ll go elsewhere.

In this section you learn easy-to-implement strategies that will compel your existing clients to do more business with you. First, you’ll make sure you’re communicating all of your solutions to your current client base. Then, you’ll analyze new services or products you could create to fill any gaps your clients might be experiencing. Finally, you’ll learn how to upsell your clients to the next level in a natural, non-salesy way. If you want the absolute easiest path to increased profits learning these techniques is a must.


  • 1 mp3 audio file (approx. 1-hr)
  • 5 worksheets (PDF files)