Business Blueprint - Series 1 / Module 2

Profiling your Ideal Client

Profiling Your Ideal Client

When you are crystal clear on your ideal clientele and you use target marketing, you begin to magnetically attract clients who can’t wait to work with you and will gladly pay your fees. When you don’t do this work, you become just a commodity. I want you to charge high value-based fees because you’re worth it. It’s a critical step towards feeling more confident in creating a wildly successful practice.

In this section I will share how to create a profile of your ideal client, understand the challenges they face, and position yourself to be their problem solver. We’ll also explore where your ideal audience is hanging out, how you can market to them en mass and how to create your ideal marketing plan to specifically address the needs of your target market.


  • 1 mp3 audio file (approx. 1-hr)
  • 5 worksheets (PDF files)