Business Blueprint - Series 1 / Module 4

Skyrocket Your Business With Signature Talks

Skyrocket Your Business With Signature Talks

Speaking is one of your most powerful marketing tools. When you speak about your area of expertise it gives your audience a great way to learn more about you, it gives you a platform to showcase your expertise, builds your professionalism within the industry and last but not least, there’s nothing like the spoken word to build credibility and trust with your prospects.

If you are just beginning in your business, you need to get out the door and give marketing talks. If you are more seasoned in your business, paid speaking engagements can provide you another revenue stream. In this section you’ll learn how to design your signature talk, your criteria for fee vs. free talks and then how to get yourself booked.


  • 1 mp3 audio file (approx. 1-hr)
  • 6 worksheets (PDF files)